Rowing/ Rigging

Take the lead with Rigtec 2018 Ltd rigging and accessories.

Rigtec 2018 Ltd can supply an extended selection of rowing equipment, fittings and accessories.

Everything that is needed to fit out every boat from top line racing skiffs to the recreational rowing boats.

Fabrication of professional rowing equipment.

Customised rigging, including:

Standard and Smart riggers

Wing riggers with our newly developed quick release system


Foot stretchers

Shoe plates/foot steering shoe plate


Oarlock axles/pins complete 

Wheels, bearing and non-bearing.


Our catalogue includes spec sheets with measuring instructions.

Customised accessories including:

  • Boat storage (sliding racks) wall-mounted, freestanding or floor-mounted.
  • Oar and scull wall racks
  • Boat dumps/stands
  • Boat rigging stays
  • Height gauge


Boat accessories including:

  • Sculling and sweep oarlocks (Croker)
  • Martinoli Boat fittings (NZ Agents)
  • Rowing shoes (Anka and New Wave)
  • Seats (tops and seats complete)
  • Bow balls, hull protection plates, pitching bushes, No Holders etc.